I am new to this site, and I don't know if you guys give out direct answers, or opinions?? So, I just have a question to throw out and get some type of answer or comment on what people think or know.
My fiance's mother passed away, and his father just remarried. He has been married for about 1year and 9months or so. They are getting a divorce now. His mom & dads house was not paid off fully, and his father ended up re-fianancing the house after he got re-married and now his new wifes name is on the deed. She has never made a payment on the house or put forth any amount of money, they have seperate checking accounts and everything. Do you think they would take that into affect during the divorce and not make his father loose half of his house??...possibly just pay her off what she did put into the house. I guess that would be a perfect world though huh??