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#204140 - 03/13/07 04:06 PM Re: Can writing mean/nasty letters hurt you in court? [Re: 100kay]
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"he is delinquent in childsupport" and "he flies into a rage toward me and creates chaos"

---&gt; The above is where you went wrong. Think about would YOU feel if say a bill collector contacted someone you knew and said "100Kay hasn't paid her cell phone in three months and the last time I tried to talk to her, she flew into a rage." I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it at all. Though it is doubtful that you'll end up in court over least not on the first part (the second is a little iffy), you should have just stuck to the bare facts.
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#204141 - 03/13/07 09:49 PM Re: Can writing mean/nasty letters hurt you in court? [Re: katiefedup]
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You guys are the best!

I did start writing a letter and got it all off my chest. I probably will not send it. Now I'm able to write a response that addresses the c/s issues only. I will send it all to my attorney for review before sending anything.

As for the libel issue, if it is at all likely he pursues this - - it would bring the other guy into court. This would bring out the details of the law suit between the both of them and trust me, the ex would look much worse than me calling him "a rage-aholic". (I didn't say that in the letter...)

#204142 - 04/14/07 02:56 PM FOLLOWUP: .. mean/nasty letters hurt you in court? [Re: jil_stevens]
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My Story:
-No modification ever-since 1993.
-Started procedings in 2004
- been thru Atty Gen. Office and 1 other law xfirmx
- Dropped AG case because they do not work to disclose income.
- Fired lawyer because of multiple mishandlings ending up with me getting 1/4 of what was due - Believe or not - I complained to the xfirmx owner and got a refund!
- every court date is 6mos+ apart
- I did not send the venting letter - stuck to the facts
- Finally went to court and ex did not show up and his atty was late. EX's atty actually said "I don't know if I told him about this hearing." (!!!!!) :shocked:

- NOTHING HAPPENED! :mad: My atty said I could go home and he and ex's atty went off to "discuss things".

I have had some terrible luck w/lawyers. Even though my current atty. talks a good game and seems to be fighting on my behalf - I wonder.

The last thing he said to me was "fill out the expenses and income" form. Years ago, I recall being told "I was not required to submit income because cs is not based upon MY income". :confused:

Current Questions:
1) How do you make sure your atty is doing his job?

2) What is a reasonable time span to hear an update?

3) Do you call the court clerk for status? I have done that and always seem to catch things just in time before something is about to be "dismissed". That sucks!

4) My atty has been paid in full - the work he is doing is being drawn off an account that still has $1,400 in it.

5) How does this impact an atty's motivation to close a case? I would think he would want it over with early... Plus the ex will have to reimburse me atty fees.

6) What about me having to fill out the income expense form? I really don't mind doing it because it would certainly prove the need for the modification - - but my paranoia makes me wonder if it may be used against me somehow.

Thanks in advance...
6) Isn't not showing up a serious offense???

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