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#207577 - 03/21/07 02:36 AM re doing child support?
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hi i was wondering if anyone knows how long do you have to wait to re work the child support. I know the money is to support the children, ex wife is using it against me but i have custody if the kids 18 days out of 30 every month but i have to pay her 1300 a month., i do more with the children than she does, she works nights and the kids are in school all day then i am home around 4 pm to watch them until the next morning. yet i am paying her child support and spousal maintenance but i am with them more. is there a time limit i must wait to re do the child support work again. i cant affoord to keep food in the house and replentish the necessities like toilett paper milk tooth paste etc. im so overwhelmed so when i ask her for a gallon of milk or things i could take from her house while the kids are with me its a a huge fight that im an irresponsible father that cant provide for the children. I dont think im being irresponsible since i giver the 1230+ a month and her spousal support plus pay her rent and utilities and my own. im in the military and its hard to get a part time job because i watch the children the 18 days out of the month and i would have to spend my part time job money on a sitter for them. what can i do?

#207578 - 03/21/07 05:25 AM Re: re doing child support? [Re: video567]
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Was the amount of time the children spend with you included in the CS calculations ? How much is CS and how much SS ?
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