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#208317 - 03/22/07 04:32 PM Recording conversations!!!
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I'm new here & am in need of some help. My husband is having problems getting his ex to follow visitation orders. It is a long story. He doesn't want to go back to court right now because she has put us through so much already. Including totally turning his son against him & our entire family. My question is about recording conversations. I am thinking that he should maybe try to talk to her about all these issues, but I think he should record it because she is a habitual liar. He also forgets half of what is said in the conversation. Is it illegal in Louisiana to record a conversation if one of the parties knows about it? & Is it illegal for my husband to record his conversations w/his son because he is a minor & we don't have domicillary custody? The reason why I am asking about him & his son's conversations, is because ever since all the problems started he is even saying that my husband is threatening him over the phone. We would like to prove that they aren't telling the truth. We are trying to get my husband & his son's relationship back on track, but it is hard when we have all these setbacks. Help please!!! Thanks In Advance!!!

#208318 - 03/22/07 11:47 PM Re: Recording conversations!!! [Re: angle]
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LA is a one party state , so record away .
Careful. We don't want to learn from this.

#208319 - 03/23/07 02:14 AM Re: Recording conversations!!! [Re: googledad]
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Thanks for the info. I thought we could, but wanted to make sure because we're going to try reasoning w/my husband's ex before having to bring her to court. This way they can see how cooperative she really is. THANKS AGAIN!!!

#208320 - 12/20/08 02:57 AM Re: Recording conversations!!! [Re: angle]
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What if you are recording someone who lives in another state, doesn't that violate a wire tapping law?


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