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#20966 - 07/18/05 05:57 PM Re: adutrey [Re: TGSM]

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yes of course its all his fault...but i would think that when i contacted her she would have at least had the heart to back off...i explained to her that he was married and i loved him very much and we had five children (all adults one of them one year younger than her) that loved him ...please back i would be able to try and work things out...i didn't want a confrontation with her...she laughed at me as i was crying and upset and said confrontation...i will kick your ass...and as far as the kids they were old enough to get over it...that pissed me off. sorry but it did and i just want her to know that shes not going to get away with a total disreguard to a family she didn't know....i guess i'm very bitter...

#20967 - 07/18/05 08:05 PM Re: adutrey [Re: MADISON]
TGSM Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

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Of course you are bitter and angry. You have that right...but you will need to start to get past it for your own sake. Have you started any kind of couseling? Start to focus on you and let the losers have each other. ((HUGS))
Faith-a f*rm belief in something for which there is no proof...complete trust.~Merriam Webster

#20968 - 07/18/05 09:18 PM Re: adutrey [Re: TGSM]

Registered: 06/19/05
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thank you are right...everyone tells me that i should just let go...i know that i should and more than likely i will probably have to go to some sort of counciling ...because i have so much i don't know if its confusion ,anger or my own self pity...which i guess i do to my self...i just can't get passed the why of it ...i'm really not too sure what it is, cause there is so much hurt...i guess its time to give in and get some all have been saying that to me...i'm sure you all can't be wrong...along with all of my children too.

#20969 - 07/18/05 11:53 PM Re: TGSM [Re: TGSM]
luv2boys1girl Offline

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I agree with you, TGSM. It takes two. If the X wasn't interested in OW- it wouldn't be an issue. Can't change it. Work on healing yourself

#20970 - 07/23/05 07:51 AM Re: adutrey [Re: MADISON]
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Please, seek a counselor. If you don't have insurance you can go through your local mental health center on a sliding fee scale. You may not believe it now, but this woman is Irrelevant and even though your anger towards her is valid he is his own problem. She will get her turn so let her go. The problem is within him and she just happened to be willing to participate in his illness.
Women participating in these behaviors are in their own denial and illness, but rest assured the pain and anger will pass and they will be left to rationalize and justify their behaviors with only the ignorant willing to buy into it. Let her go she's an irrelevant element not worth your time. Work on healing yourself and your children. Counseling will work immediately so hurry up get an appointment. Take Care and Good Luck!
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