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#211800 - 03/30/07 03:15 AM Need some help, newbie to this
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Married 13 years 34 and 35, wife cheated and caught last june. Tried consulor and she's having no part of it.She's very material oriented and wants to party. She is a good mother so that part is not confusing, 50/50 split as is the money. I feel like I need to "pay her back" and hurt her due to this situation. I've been jumping through her hoops and trying to keep our family together, but she isn't happy. So, should I try for alimony to hit her where it hurts, I have proof of the affair, OR the lawyer bills too much and hurt the kids in the long run and get on with my life. I live in GA.
Other part is we are selling the house and plan on spliting the equity. I've thought of getting an apartment till it sells (slow selling)or will that open up problems? We would split the custody 50/50. I need away from her and can't buy a home till ours sell.Do I need to get a lawyer to draw up papers so I don't get shafted.
Please Help

#211801 - 04/26/08 10:46 PM Re: Need some help, newbie to this [Re: bkcarlock69]
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Is splitting the custody 50/50 in the best interest of the children? What are their ages?
I know my daughter HATES when she had to 50/50 between my ex and I (she is older now so she doesnt have to).

If you all are getting divorced then somebody should move out.
The kids should stay put though.
Can you elaborate?
Della in Georgia


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