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#212866 - 04/02/07 05:09 PM Divorce is Final...But
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My divorce was final and I assumed that everything was completed butů

I completed a Marital Separation Agreement that stated basically what she has in her possession is hers and what I have in my possession is mine. We did not own a house at the time but we did own (making payments) a small camp. I took out the loans all in my name and I have been paying on them every month for 9 months. I am also the only one with keys and gate cards to get into the camp and the only one that ever uses camp. Her name is on the lease for the camp site but not anything else. I pulled the following statement from my MSA that I think should cover me with regards to removing her from the lease. Is this good enough?

OTHER PROPERTY. The parties represent and acknowledge that there is no other property, real or personal, which is owned jointly or in which both have an interest, and hereafter neither party will make any claim to any item which is in the possession of the other. Each party shall own, have and enjoy independently of any claim or right or the other, all items of property, real or personal, of every kind now or hereafter owned or held by him or her with full power to dispose of same as fully and effectively in all respects and for all purposes as if he or she were unmarried.
She now wants to determine how much the camp is worth and try and make me sell it or buy her out. The only equity that we have in the camp is the amount of money that I have paid in payments for the last 9 months. Any help or info is greatly appreciated.

#212867 - 04/02/07 07:24 PM Re: Divorce is Final...But [Re: DivorcePlease]
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BTW. The property is not owned it is leased and it was not listed in the divorce decree.


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