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#214275 - 04/07/07 01:06 AM State Government Pension
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This is most likely too late since I divorced two years ago, but I have a question regarding my settlement.

I was married to my husband for 15 years and stayed at home to care for children. My husband is employed with the State of Connecticut and has a pension plan. We worked with a mediator who had extensive experience and we were told by him that I was in no way entitled to any of my husband's pension. Something having to do with it being associated with the state.

I've since talked to others who've divorced and was told I had every right to his pension. It pains me that I sacrificed my ambitions to care for him and his home and our children and now I'm left with absolute fear about how I'm going to face retirement.

Does anyone have any idea what the truth is?

I certainly don't want to be unreasonable, but that's years I've invested in him that his new wife will just be sitting back and reaping.

#214276 - 04/08/07 10:32 AM Re: State Government Pension [Re: AtHomeMaughmam]
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State, Federal, teachers, and military pensions are handled differently than regular pensions. But the differences vary state to state. Also, since the divorce was finalized 2 years ago, it might be too late to reopen the case and get a QDRO (or DRO, whichever applies). This definitely requires a lawyers advice. Maybe just a telephone consultation can get you an answer?

#214277 - 04/08/07 11:07 PM Re: State Government Pension [Re: AtHomeMaughmam]
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Thank you. It's hard to believe it's already been two years. It was a very confusing time. Financial matters and emotional turmoil don't make good partners. I'll look for a professional on Monday.

#214278 - 04/10/07 11:34 AM Re: State Government Pension [Re: AtHomeMaughmam]
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From my understanding, a property settlement will be reopened if there was any fraud, or deceipt, or property that was not known at the time.. It sounds like this mediator was not well versed in the law and it seems as if you did not know the property existed at the time. I knwo with a military pension, if a person gets divorced before they retire, the spouse has often gone back after they retire and gotten an award because the asset did not exist at the time of the divorce, if it was not specifically addressed in the property settlement.

#214279 - 05/18/07 03:52 PM Re: State Government Pension [Re: AtHomeMaughmam]
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Quote " that's years I've invested in him "
Like you were buying a mutual fund or something for Dog's sake !!
Of course HE didn't invest in you at all...NOPE you paid exactly 50% of everything when you were together, right ?
When you chose to stay home and care for the kids you expected a big payoff ? Did you tell him that ? You guys had an agreement, right ? You planned on getting paid back for staying home with the kids and you made sure he wanted that ?

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#214280 - 05/18/07 03:56 PM Re: State Government Pension [Re: AtHomeMaughmam]
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You may have been entitled to some amount of the pension depending how it accrues and its vesting schedule. Nonetheless, property settlements are final and you would unlikely be able to reopen the issue.


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