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#217 - 06/10/04 01:28 PM From Pennsylvania to Maine
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currently my family is living in pennsylvania. my wife has custody of a child from a previous marriage. the arrangement is visitation 2 days every other weekend, a week in the summer and winter & misc holidays. the schedule was alway easily worked out... We have been presented with an option to move to maine almost 15 hours away. my wife's daughter doesn't want to have visitation all summer long with her father. she would like it to be a reduced visitation over all. what are the rules about this type of move. which state has the jurisdiction. do the child's wishes play into the equation. and advice on how to navigate the rapids? [Email][email protected][/Email]

#218 - 06/10/04 09:58 PM Think it through carefully... [Re: byeager]
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First, the court may have to give you permission to move, and the NCP can fight it.

You have to consider if this is really the best for the child. I know it is a tough call, but you have to look at the fact that while there may be fiancial or real estate advantages, it will reduce the amoutn of time that the child will see the NCP. And while she SAYS she doesn't want to see the father as much, a lot of times, that is when they need to see them the most. Think it through carefully, and be prepared for a court fight if the NCP decides to fight it.
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