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#217483 - 04/16/07 02:38 AM Need some Information
scaredmom6 Offline
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Loc: Spokane , Wa
My Ex lives in Alaska I live in Washington. my ex and I have 3 children together they are 16,15,and 13 all girls. We did not get a parenting plan due to we broke up when my 13 year old was under 1years old. I have raised these girls with no help from him. He only visited them once in the 12 years we have been apart. I have made the effort to keep their dad informed of how their are doing by calling him. Recently my 15 year old expressed interest in getting to know her dad. So of course I called him and made arrangements for her to visit with him. The agreement between the two of us, was he would pay for her to go up there and should she want to come back to Washington I would pay for her ticket. Earlier this week my daughter called me begging to come and I said that I would buy her a ticket. 4/15 My ex informs me that until he gets reinbursed for the ticket he purchased then he would not ALLOW her to leave even If I purchased her ticket and she had a friend or relative take her to the airport. Then I am angry too, he owes his children 15000 in child support and my daughter is begging to come home, I am not sure what can be done. She told me that she is now being held hostage and I spoke with him and that is what he is doing.I have contacted the police but I am not sure that they will do any thing I don't know what else I can do. So if any one has any information please share.

#217484 - 04/17/07 04:06 AM Re: Need some Information [Re: scaredmom6]
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Wire the money for a cab so your daughter can get to the airport and have her flight reserved .
Careful. We don't want to learn from this.

#217485 - 04/27/07 12:50 AM Re: Need some Information [Re: googledad]
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You are probably going to have to file for an emergency custody hearing in Washington to get assistance in having her returned. Hopefully you have some judicial order in place showing you with legal and primary physical custody in the state of Washington.

#217486 - 08/09/09 10:48 PM Re: Need some Information [Re: strawberrynote]
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How long has she been there cause after 6 mths he can file for modification of custody - happened to me exactly the same Ex kept my son there for a year Didnt provide appropriate clothing for freezing weather or any family time Step mom refused to cook for him He had serious suicidal issues and they still didnt care but woulnt let him leave. If you have papers that show you have custody Beg borrow or whatever but go uyp there and have her meet you somewhere and leave. If he gets custody you dont stand a chance
Good luck

#217487 - 12/02/09 12:55 AM Re: Need some Information [Re: Correze]
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My daughter lives there with her mother. She is 13 and wants to come live with me but her mom won't let her. Her step father is mean to her and verbally abuses her. I want to get an attorney but how do I find a good one since I don't live in that state?


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