Well guys, here is how the whole thing played out.

Got a call from my atty’s secy Tuesday morning: “You have a trial tomorrow at 2:00pm, can you be there?” (Trial = Wednesday/Today)

1. It did not matter that ex did not show for last hearing. The whole deal felt just like the divorce hearing 15 yrs ago. Except at least the judge 15 yrs ago was paying attention. I could swear the judge today was surfing the Internet. I know he lost track at least once because he didn’t hear the question asked him.

2. For the first 20 minutes the lawyers played the blame game - - who didn’t notify whom in time - - ‘it was a fax, and I get 3 add’l days to respond to a fax’ - - crap like that.

3. Ex manually changed the amount of earnings on a 1099 presented for evidence. (I kid you not!) Said he corrected it because it was wrong - - then denied he said it. Changed his answer to say it was done by officials at his employer {the church where he pastors is his ‘employer’}.

4. He lied about so much stuff it’s unreal but just like 15 yrs ago, I was not allowed an opportunity to respond. Talk about a confidence man.

5. End of story: Judge increased c/s by $250 (Yay!) – Judge did not require ex to pay atty fees (Boo!) – Ex does not have to help with child’s tuition (Boo!) - The outstanding medical expenses did not even come up! (Da#n!)

6. Judge’s last comment: “The amount of money spent on atty fees could have paid for 1 yrs tuition. You need to talk to each other.”

7. Now, I agree with that statement except for one thing. The last time I asked for help he threatened to take the daugh from me. (not that he would be successful – the point is he refused to help with the tuition) If I could talk to that jerk I wouldn’t need lawyers and judges! Sheesh!

Anyway… I’m laying prostate before the Lord now. (smiling and shaking my head)

Thank you for all your comments and sharing your experiences. It really does help when you are traveling this dark and gloomy path. I’m off to refi the house again to pay next year’s tuition.

God bless you guys, and all the best.