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#219 - 06/10/04 05:49 PM How would a visitation schedule look
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For a parent that has to be supervised? Who would do the supervising? How would holidays work? Any info would be great thanks.
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#220 - 06/10/04 07:52 PM Re: How would a visitation schedule look [Re: Becky]
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When my ex had supervised, it was supervised by me at the local mall one day a week (Saturdays) for 2-4 hours. I've heard those parenting places are pretty good too. Normally, the parent that has supervised pays for it (at least here they do) and you spend a couple hours with the kid/s with a 3rd party supervising it.

I have no idea about the holidays...

Hope that helps a little!

#221 - 06/11/04 12:01 AM When my ex had supervised.... [Re: Becky]
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it was through a child psychologist. It was called supervised therapeutic visitation. During the sessions they were to work out their issues that caused Dad to lash out in physical violence. It wasn't much help. Dad wasn't cooperative and neither Dad nor the children enjoyed the sessions. Dad halted them. Eventually Dad went through his various anger and parenting programs and I agreed to non-supervised visitation. However, during these visits there is to be no contact with Dad's wife and children. This means they can't go to Dad's house, so they always have their visits in public places...restaurants, movies, rollerskating, etc. The kids are comfortable with this. It's not likely that Dad would cause a scene and if he did, they are now grown enough to get up and ask for help. They also have cell phones.


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