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#219932 - 04/23/07 02:22 AM taking a child out of the country?
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My name is TOM, I had a son that was born in 1988. We did visit with him at my home in RI up until he was 1 along with another sibling of his. However, they disappeared right after his 1st birthday. Phone was disc, we was told they moved and there was no forwarding address the only 1 we had was there Mothers grandmother house. I was ordered to pay child support which i did. She states i didnt but she was on welfare so they took all the child support. When my son disappeared I stopped paying child support, i figured she would show up then i could get visitation rights to see him. Well then i was served to appear in court. postponement after postponement do to she never appeared the judge court ordered child support stopped until she was located. We have called every1 in the phonebook or on the internet with her last name always hit a dead end. Then one day i get my monthly child support statement with the amount i owed prior to it being stopped. Bal due to I stopped paying. I will not pay chid support for a child i cant see!!! so anyway i saw her last name changed so my sister & I called again every1 we could find with that last name. still nothing. I have the phone bills to prove it!! it wasnt cheap but less then a PRIVATE DETECTIVE I wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Well as the years went by she was nowhere to be found. Then on MARCH 11, 2007 My sister found him on myspace. She took him out of the United States. I do beleive you need other parents permission to take the child out of the country at the age of 12. He now lives in Perth, Australia. Does any1 know if this is legal? Can i make her come here to court? please respond ASAP ty

tom & Karen

#219933 - 06/23/07 10:56 AM Re: taking a child out of the country? [Re: Karenx31]
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If he was born in 1988, he is now 19 years old.

Which makes him a legal adult. And means that he doesn't have to come back if he doesn't want to. Or can come back on his own if he wants to.

As for the back child support, if the mother were to take him to court for it, she will get it.


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