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#220050 - 04/23/07 01:00 PM Hurt and Scared
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I could really use some advice. I'm sure like everyone on here I love my spouse very truly so much. I've been with him now for 15 yrs, married 6 yrs. We have had some very difficult times in our life, one going bankrupt and loosing everything to now living in his mothers home. His mother's house which in my mind I feel is a pig pen and is no place for our two children. My husband has also been lying a ton more then I'm use. He makes me feel like I'm an incompetent woman as for when we did own our house it was so far away just to make things meet he went to work, and I had to stay home. I started life real early as I had my first baby at 21 and owned my home at that time too. We had no family and friends and we where 100 miles away from Salem, NH. I was a home mom with no car for 8 yrs. I'll tell it took it's toll on sanity and we did seek out counseling for it but as always counselors really don't work. They just make you feel worse. But My husband has always had a control mind play, something he acquired from his own father. I feel I don't have to play anymore. If he cannot want to communicate with me and care about the one's that should matter more then anyone, then I don't want to be around anymore. There is so much more to the 15 yr old story but my main concern now is how do I get myself and my children away from this. Because I have not held a job in all that time, maybe I am incompetent? How the heck can I just leave and know I can support my children and myself? Just now he said to me if I take the car he will report it stolen. My brother is also a deputy yet I really don't want to get my family so heavily involved. It's things like this that I am forced to stay here and continue the game of Cinderella. I don't know how I'm going to find a place to live? support my children, and so on. He has taken everything from me, and I do expect him to also take my children just because in the matter of those years he has gone off to build his resume while he depended on me to stay home and take care of all of them. I can't live in the situations I'm in at this time. He knows this but he's too hard headed as well as hot mouth. I just would like some advice on how to go about leaving this guy and knowing that I,myself can take on this responsibility of continuing to raise my children in a safe healthy clean environment without him keeping me down. I fear going back to work. I'm not fresh out of high school and I lack so bad at experience from when I was a manager at one point in time. I have applied for work but no one has called at all.. My experience? I can't support my self in a place and my children too.. There is where he's got me... How do I prove him wrong in such a short time?

#220051 - 05/08/07 02:45 AM Re: Hurt and Scared [Re: hurtnscared]
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I'm so sorry about what you are going through.
How old are you now? How old are your children?
"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." -- Oscar Wilde

#220052 - 05/04/09 02:27 AM Re: Hurt and Scared [Re: ljnsy]
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