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#227908 - 05/10/07 06:22 PM Re: DS and Walking to School (Also on SF Board) [Re: ljnsy]
c_jane Offline

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I am going thru this EXACT same thing with my son (also 10) &amp; his Dad who is the CP. On the days I have son (I live in the same neighborhood &amp; he rides the SAME bus home to both houses) he comes to my house by himself. The difference is that SM is usually at his dad's house when he rides the bus there.

My son LOVES the responsibility of riding the bus home by himself on the days I have him. He is alone about 35 minutes before I get home. His dad is FURIOUS that I would even consider letting DS do this 'when SM is there at Dad's house &amp; son would be perfectly all right with her'. Dad has even threatened to call the police on me, when there is NO state law saying son cannot stay by himself.

Dad, along with the control thing, just does NOT understand how responsible it makes son feel. In Son's words "I love it Mom. I don't WANT to stay with SM. I WANT to come here &amp; wait for you."

Let your son continue to do what makes YOU comfortable. Your Ex needs to realize there are different parenting styles &amp; he can't control how you 'parent'. In my case, my Ex- bought my son both a BB gun &amp; a dirt bike -- neither of which I agree with. AND he rides the dirt bike in Dad's one-acre yard w/out a helmet even!! But G_d forbid I even TRY to tell Dad I don't agree w/something HE'S done, as he thinks he is Dad-of-the-Year all the time.....

[quote]Thanks. DS is very proud of the fact that I trust him enough to do that. He is really bothered by the fact that his father is trying to take that responsibility away from him. It's sad really. [/quote]
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#227909 - 05/11/07 12:21 AM Re: DS and Walking to School (Also on SF Board) [Re: ljnsy]
NancyD Offline

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I don't see anything wrong with walking home from school if the area is safe...but do you have an understanding with the parents of the children he stays with until you get home? Otherwise, it seems to me to be quite an intrusion in their lives to have a neighborhood boy hang around everyday.

A freind of mine used to complain about one of her neighbors who did this. She fellt really bad for the kid, as it wasn't his doing, but the parent was oblivious to the fact that the neighbors MIGHT have other plans that their child could not be included in.

#227910 - 05/11/07 01:39 PM Re: DS and Walking to School (Also on SF Board) [Re: NancyD]
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I wouldn't let DS go somewhere, where I expect an adult to be responsible for him unless they know and give permission for him to be there.
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