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#227991 - 05/10/07 10:32 AM need help with military divorce
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I would appreciate it if someone could help me on this matter. My brother is currently deployed in Iraq, he is stationed in Alaska, and will return to Alaska in Jan. 2008, he has already been here for over a year, and is considered a resident. He has been trying to get a divorce and has been seperated from his spouse for almost 2 years. He has been transfered and deployed so many times that it has been impossible for him to file because of residency issues and he always get sent to a different place. They seperated in North Carolina almost 2 years ago... she abandoned him because he came up on orders to be restationed to Alaska and she refused to go. She moved to New Jersey in July of 2006 and is not considered a resident because she has not lived there a year yet. I spoke to an attorney in Alaska and im not sure if this is true but he told me that since she has never lived or been in Alaska, then he has to file in New Jersey and the only way he can file in Alaska is if she signs a waiver releasing her rights to venue. We have went to New Jersey to file and they told us that he has to file in North Carolina because she still not a resident in Jersey. We called the courthouse in North Carolina and they told us to file in Jersey... I just need to know if he can file in Alaska, or what i have to do so i can be able to file the paperwork in Alaska on his behalf as i have a Power of Attorney for him to enter into legal issues. He is just really stressing about getting this done now because he is coming close to his 10 year mark and after that she will be entitled to his retirement and even more money that shes recieving from him now. Since his seperation he has started another relationship with someone else and they are expecting, although his soon to be ex - spouse is unaware of the situation, he is constantly being reminded that he could get into serious trouble because of the realtionship, so he wants to get the divorced finalized as soon as possible. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me!!! :confused:

#227992 - 11/09/07 08:50 PM Re: need help with military divorce [Re: colombiana907]
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I would think that he needs to file in North Carolina. If that is where that got married and both are residents. Do they have any children? Yes he can get into alot of trouble for having a child with someone else while still married to her.


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