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#228059 - 05/11/07 02:53 AM Re: Taking own food to NCP's house [Re: Relayer]
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#228060 - 05/11/07 05:43 AM Was he to pay for a portion... [Re: agui667]
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...of daycare expenses?
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#228061 - 05/11/07 06:31 PM Re: Taking own food to NCP's house [Re: themema]
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i an NCP SM, and I do think that if the parent is supposed to take the kid on X weekend and they don't that they should provide the care. that would be the responsible thing to do b/c maybe the CP made plans.

i guess the only thing to rectify that situation is that if it is habitual the CP can go back to court, modify the order and ask for more CS
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#228062 - 05/12/07 06:32 PM Re: Taking own food to NCP's house [Re: Relayer]
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[quote][quote]Hi everyone. The last 2 weekends my ex has called and left messages on my voicemail saying "If you want (son) to eat anything this weekend you need to bring it because I don't have anything here." So I provided him with meals for the weekend, but it bothers me because he got a huge tattoo the week before. I also have to bring his clothes, but that's not a big deal. How should I handle this? Thanks. [/quote]

I am confused. He called two weeknd(s) and you send food for one weekend. Thats how it reads. [/quote]

No, I brought it both weekends.

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