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#228971 - 05/14/07 04:05 AM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: focusedon2]
Runswithscissors Offline
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I get frustrated when I hear some mother's refer to themselves as "single" moms.. especially those that have ex's that WANT to do more with their children... but mom won't "let" them......... I am like.. you are a single mother because your HEAD is in your ass and you choose to be!

#228972 - 05/14/07 04:19 AM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: Runswithscissors]
youngatheart Offline
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But they ARE single moms. They are single (as in not married) and a mom.

I very much consider myself to be a single mom. But that doesn't mean that my children don't have a father. I'll be just as much a single mom this summer when they are living with him....their single dad.

#228973 - 05/14/07 05:01 AM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: focusedon2]
mommy2boys Offline

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We do it out of necessity and love for our children, just as all other involved parents do.

#228974 - 05/14/07 04:41 PM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: Runswithscissors]
yregna Offline

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Quote " My ex didn't help in cleaning and stuff.... but he is fab. with our daughter... he always changed her diapers and he was 100% hands on with her from the beginning.......

My hubby is wonderful!! He cleans, he does yardwork and he's 100% hands on dad.... He changed our son's diapers 50% of the time AND cleans up the throw up 100% of the time!!! "

That sounds great and I did the same things, but in the end they will both pay CS or Alimony or Both. Nice fairy tale...
"Anything free is worth what you pay for it..." "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get"

#228975 - 05/14/07 05:10 PM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: yregna]
HatesCaroline Offline
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For a "journeyman" you don't know too much about Caroline, yregna.

This feminazi PIG already has a come back for you. It is: "I pay child support." This is such a typical response for her and the others. Bottom line about Caroline's "truth?" She is a "friend of the court." That alone should speak volumes...

Oh, and trying to distance me by indicating that I am more "far out" than you is disgraceful to the male gender.

You may not like my delivery, but look at what is posted. Undisputable facts. Not like the fairy tales that the feminazi PIGS dribble...

Oh, and who the hell is this guy E R I C that no one can type without doctoring his name? That goes double for whatever F I R M stands for. Someone told me that F I R M stands for something like Fathers Integrity &amp; Rights Movement. Is that true?

:) ;) (b) (d)

And, don't forget... Off with their freak'n heads! :)

#228976 - 05/14/07 05:26 PM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: focusedon2]
rocketgirl Offline
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It isn't easy... :)
Lisa Diplomacy - the art of telling someone to go to hell, and them looking forward to the trip.

#228977 - 05/14/07 05:33 PM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: yregna]
Runswithscissors Offline
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That sounds great and I did the same things, but in the end they will both pay CS or Alimony or Both. Nice fairy tale...

-------------&gt;really? You know this for sure. Funny.. I pay CS.

#228978 - 05/14/07 05:38 PM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: youngatheart]
Debi Offline
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Instead of finding the comment in horrible taste, feel bad for the young girl who sees life that way. I'd have to guess that her dad isn't around. I know we don't know why. Maybe he didn't want to be and maybe the girls mother drove him off. To me it's just sad that she sees it that way. I'm a f!rm believer that a girls first important relationship with a man is the one with her daddy. I have a great friend who is single handedly raising his daughter because his x wife is an on-the-run-drug addict. Chances are she is going to feel the same way about mom's as the girl you heard feels about dad's. It's sad.

My x was great father for 12 years. For the past year he hasn't been allowed to be a father based on his own stupidity. He did as much for our girls as I did. When we divorced we had a 50/50 agreement and I can tell you it rubbed me the wrong way when he told someone in front of a mutual friend how hard it was to be a full time single father with no help. You can bet I laid into him over that one.
When we were together, you said you'd die for me. Now, I think it's time you kept your promise.

#228979 - 05/14/07 05:59 PM If it was random sampling... [Re: Debi]
gr8Dad Offline
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...on live television, you would be correct. It was a commecial, edited to have an effect on the listener, so the comment was chosen to reflect something. Unfortunately, the editor chose it to reflect their personal feelings.
Why give a "senior" discount, they have had plenty of time to raise the money...

#228980 - 05/14/07 06:11 PM Re: Moms -vs- Dads [Re: HatesCaroline]
BeckaLeigh Offline
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There ya go. The old E r i c. Tsk, tsk.
I tried being normal once. Worst five minutes of my life.

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