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#229005 - 05/14/07 11:04 PM Re: Frustrated! [Re: Debi]
joym525 Offline
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Her first post does say BM can come at 8:30???

You in now way owe the BM to wait around for when she feels like showing up to visit SD. She can call a week in advance to set up a visiting time.

#229006 - 05/14/07 11:18 PM Re: Frustrated! [Re: joym525]
HatesMaury Offline
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Let's think about this for a little bit...okay?

A mother on Mothers Day.

An ex that can "pull the strings."

A new wife/girlfriend that supports and encourages the "pulling of the strings." that "can't drive any distance."

This is a recipe for disaster and will frustrate any mother (or father on Fathers Day with the terms reversed).

Let's get something straight between us...

If you were the mother and perhaps, didn't even deserve to be a mother, yet still...wouldn't you (putting yourself into her situation) just "assume" (I hate that word) that on your "special day" and re-inforced with the "make others feel guilt if they don't celebrate "your day" marketing strategists" to make money, think that at least for this one day, that "you could be nice?"

Like I said, I can understand and think it stinks, but for this one day, why can't exceptions be made?

C'mon... Put yourself in her shoes for just one day out of 365 days...

Just a thought...from someone that thinks ex's can be cruel and don't mind hurting their ex's at the expense of the children...

Y'know what I mean?

#229007 - 05/15/07 02:14 PM Re: Frustrated! [Re: joym525]
Debi Offline
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That's what I get for skimming a post. I read the we will be home at 8:30 part but missed the "you can come over then part". Sorry.

I do think that in the middle of a custody battle the parties DO owe each other. Actually they owe it to themselves even more. In this case it probably won't make much difference since there are SO many things they have to show BM as unstable, but they still need to show their willingness to co-parent even if she doesn't. I'm not saying that because MA is a SM I'm saying it because it makes sense that whoever wants custody should do every single thing they can to facillitate a relationship between the child and other parent. Does it get old? Hell yes. I am the poster child for "sucking it up", but I do it.
When we were together, you said you'd die for me. Now, I think it's time you kept your promise.

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