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#229563 - 05/15/07 03:56 PM Yrgena
Runswithscissors Offline
Carpal \'Tunnel

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Quote " My ex didn't help in cleaning and stuff.... but he is fab. with our daughter... he always changed her diapers and he was 100% hands on with her from the beginning.......

My hubby is wonderful!! He cleans, he does yardwork and he's 100% hands on dad.... He changed our son's diapers 50% of the time AND cleans up the throw up 100% of the time!!! "

That sounds great and I did the same things, but in the end they will both pay CS or Alimony or Both. Nice fairy tale...

------------------>as addressed in the PM to you- you are incorrect and you can take your foot out of your mouth now.

I PAY CS.. I AM THE NCM. Spare me the "woe is the father" sh*t. On this board currently there are 6 active NCM's. We can either sit here and waddle in misery how unfair it is... or we can work together....... that choice is yours.. but frankly you are an *ss for making the comment above when frankly you are WRONG.

If anything ever happened to my ex and I.. I WOULD Pay CS because HE would win custody... why? because I travel for our family.... I am the bread-winner and HE is the primary caregiver..... DUE to my travels........ IS it fair? Hell no... but it is the way it is.... Hopefully.... however... this won't ever be the case.. but don't think for a second that it doesn't cross my mind........

#229564 - 05/15/07 05:12 PM Re: Yrgena [Re: Runswithscissors]
MominNY Offline

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I wouldn't let him get you upset. He needs a hobby and probably doesn’t even have any kids.

#229565 - 05/15/07 05:23 PM Re: Yrgena [Re: MominNY]
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Carpal \'Tunnel

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LOl.. thanks! He didn't get me upset... he's just an ass for making assumptions that were terribly incorrect....... ; )

#229566 - 05/15/07 09:25 PM Re: Yrgena [Re: Runswithscissors]
theneeddd Offline

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Why do you all hate men so bad?All of us aren't bad(lol)

#229567 - 05/16/07 12:54 AM Re: Yrgena [Re: theneeddd]
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Carpal \'Tunnel

Registered: 05/30/04
Posts: 13394
LOL.. oh yeah... you got that I hate men from that ONE post....
wtf ever......


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