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#231533 - 05/18/07 07:59 PM Upset & Angry
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I am so upset. I am supposed to get married the end of June. My fiance just called to say that his former wife did not sign all the papers for the divorce and when he called her she said "Without some major changes in these papers I am not signing anything." The children are grown up 18 & 22. She said she did not want to be married to him. I am not the cause of their breakup. He has been away from her for 7 years. She is in TN and he is in GA I knew him before he left but he was using drugs and that screwed up their marriage. She just said thirty days ago that I was a nice woman and loved him and he should marry me. He left to get clean and is doing great. She said she didn't want him. I am so upset. I told him to take care of this last year and I thought it was done. He thought all was well and he just had to finish paying the lawyer and it would be settled without going to court. Now she has flipped on what she was going to do. I am screwed if she doesn't sign right?

#231534 - 05/20/07 04:43 PM Re: Upset & Angry [Re: tnsad]
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I am screwed if she doesn't sign right?

yep unless you move to

there has been a separation for 7 yrs and a lawyer fees involved - what was the lawyer paid to do and where is the proof of divorce..??

you can't just assume that it was taken care of....

how long were they married..? sounds lengthy given even the time for separation.

at the time they separated was there a separartion agreement that divided the assests or properties..?

his stbx may have been nice and you may not be the cause but there appears to be a lot of unresolved issues going on here......she sounds very angry at your impending marriage and may do everything possible to see that it does not take place in June.

you need to talk to this lawyer and find out exactly what he was doing with the money that was supposed to pay for a divorce.....

it takes 2 people to marry and 1 person to divorce, proceedings may be stretched out over time but the divorce will occur regardless.
Life is a long lesson in humility.

#231535 - 04/26/08 08:22 PM Re: Upset & Angry [Re: matart1]
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lordy lordy hun,
Soo sad to hear you are going through this.
Be patient and make sure the divorce is final..She is not worth going to penitentary over
good luck child
Della in Georgia


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