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#23324 - 07/30/05 05:10 PM AFCC program and Colroadoans involved
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Web site for full program Sept 22-25—Breckenridge Colorado AFCC “training”

Please warn others involved in Colorado family courts about having contact with any of the Colorado individuals listed below. This is a training that is taking place in Colorado in September 2005.

Robert LaCrosse brags that the benefit of having the parent cood. role would be that one only had to answer to the judge that appointed them. One didn’t have to have malpractice insurance since a mental health professional is not bound by their standards of practice when serving in this role. The state law HB05-1172 gives individuals serving in this role quasi judicial immunity. Mental health professionals do not have to adhere to their standards of practice. Avoid Colorado’s codependent family courts.

Below are excerpts from the program that is planned. Go to the web site above to see the complete program. Please share this with others you know who are involved in Colorado family courts. Encourage them to find a better right answer than our Colorado courts.

Christie Coates and Elaine Johnson are co-authors with Robert LaCrosse. Avoid Colorado’s codependent family courts.

Theresa Spahn is with the state Office of the Child’s Representative and Pam Gagel has served on the state family court sub committee Theresa testified for the parent coordinator role and was hocking it to mediators along with Pam Gagel before the bill was signed and before any standards of practice exist. Theresa Spahn has trained with Robert LaCrosse. Avoid Colorado’s codependent family courts.

Lael Montgomery testified in favor of the parent coordinator bill. Avoid Colorado’s codependent family courts.

Sue Waters sits on the state family court issues committee. Avoid Colorado’s codependent family courts.

Robert Smith served as a Special Advocate to the Rick Walters family. Rick Walters killed his wife and all but one of his children before killing himself. Theresa Spahn has trained repeatedly with Robert Smith. Avoid Colorado’s codependent family courts.

1. Parenting Coordination Nuts & Bolts:
Part I (PC)
The first of this two-part workshop focuses on module three of AFCC’s Recommended Training for Parenting Coordinators. Participants will learn how to structure the parenting coordination process, including handling the initial session, managing separate sessions and maintaining records and documentation. Presenters will also discuss informed consent, service contracts and fees, the role of the parenting plan in the PC process, building partial agreements, awareness of personal biases and arbitration procedures.
Christine A. Coates, M.Ed., J.D., President, Institute for
Advanced Dispute Resolution, Boulder, CO
E. Robert LaCrosse, Ph.D., Co-author, Working with
High-Conflict Families of Divorce, Denver, CO
Elaine T. Johnson, J.D., Johnson and Johnson, PC, Coauthor,
Working with High-Conflict Families of Divorce,
Louisville, CO

Working with families of separation and divorce can be a draining
and emotional experience. This opening session presents
a look at some basic survival skills for those in the trenches.
Kevin Albert, Psy.D., Littleton, CO
Glynna Baker, M.A., J.D., Denver, CO
David Littman, M.A., J.D., Denver, CO
Sue A. Waters, M.A., L.P.C., Denver, CO

9:15am-9:30am Break
2. The Mediation-Education Nexus
in High Conflict Cases (M)
Education plays a critical role in the mediation process, particularly
in high conflict cases. Parents frequently use the same poor communication skills from their marriage to act out their issues in mediation. This workshop will teach participants how skill-based psychoeducation and practice—conducted in the mediator’s office or in a group setting beforehand—can facilitate a shift in the way parents interact. Hands-on strategies and techniques will be presented, with demonstrations of their use in an interactive learning format.
Steven B. Gimpel, M.S., LMFT, Boulder, CO
Shirley Thomas, Ph.D., Longmont, CO
Sue A. Waters, M.A., L.P.C., Denver, CO

5. Parenting Coordination Nuts & Bolts:
Part II (PC)
Part II picks up from the morning session and looks at appropriate techniques for responding to difficult situations, effective use of outside experts, appropriate boundaries for PC’s, the impact of high conflict client behavior, reasons that a PC may choose to decline an appointment and how to handle situations when faced with disability issues.
Betsy Duvall, M.S.W., Co-author, Working with High Conflict Families of Divorce, Denver, CO
Barbara Fidler, Ph.D., Toronto, ON, Canada

12. Ethical Challenges for Legal
Professionals (LP)
Should a lawyer or mental health consultant prepare a client for a meeting with a custody evaluator? What is the appropriate interaction between neutral mental health experts and….
14. Innovative Custody Evaluation Models:
Implications for Practice Skills (CE)
Colorado’s Special Advocate role is one of many new and growing number of models of evaluative processes for custody disputes. Some processes are hybrids and others are modeled on comprehensive child custody evaluations, including Fast- Track Evaluations, Brief Evaluations and Focused Evaluations. This session examines the Special Advocate and other evaluation practices and looks at the skills required and the ethical
implications of these models of practice.
Pamela A. Gagel, J.D., Lamontagne & Wilcox, Denver, CO
Leslye Hunter, M.A., AFCC Past President, New Orleans,LA
Hon. Lael Montgomery, Boulder, CO
Theresa M. Spahn, J.D., Executive Director, Office of the
Child’s Representative, Denver, CO
Please avoid Colorado’s codependent and sometimes corrupt family courts. Protect your children from being victims of the court and your family financial resources from being depleted. Around 90% of Colorado divorcing families don’t use the courts. Help us downsize our state judicial system, end the corruption due to lack of checks and balances and accountability, and save the children from becoming victims of this codependent system.

#23325 - 09/07/13 04:05 AM Re: AFCC program and Colroadoans involved [Re: jenniemac]
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Sue A. Waters is biased, one sided, and unprofessional. Did not respond in a fashionable manor. Would not bring up any concerns I had, only brought up mothers. Did not investigate anything an investigator should. Only listens to the one who pays her. Fair warning, if your other paid her off, expect a horrible report on you. Protect yourself, protect your rights and DO NOT GET HER! Do NOT use her!! Look for an unbiased one please!!!


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