While married, my husband wanted to buy a house and "flip it" and to do so, he needed my signature to get a loan (mortgage). Shortly after that we divorced and all respnsibilities for that house was put on him. He was told to get my name off of the mortgage within 60 days. Well, almost 2 years later, he has not been able to secure financing in his name to refinance and get me off the loan. He allows the mortgage payments to get so far behind until the bank threatens foreclosure. I have to either bother him until he makes the payment or pay it myself. I have taken him to court 3 times and he has been found in contempt of court for not taking care of the situation, but the only "punishment" the judge has given him is to pay my attourney fees for the court appearances. He has also let the insurance lapse. He is self employed, so proof of income is impossible and lives in a rental house. I have purchased a house for me and our children and have a secure job. Is there anything else I can do to get out of this mortgage he has "trapped" me into?? We have had the house on the market of 1 year now, but it is in such bad condition, no one has made any offer. I'm scared to death that I wil, yet again, loose everything I've worked so hard to build just because he refuses to be man and live up to his responsibilities. Any words of wisdon???