My ex and I divorced 2 years ago. Without getting too involved in our story, together we have a 7 year old son which we have joint legal custody of and I have primary custodial. He also had custody of his two children while we were married and I assumed the role of mother to them (We were married for 8 years and the kids were young when I got them). When we divorced, and we both make upper middle class salaries on our own, I agreed with him that he'd only have to pay $100 dollars a month child support, if I got visitation rights to the older children. He agreed and the CO is $100 a month and half of any extracurricular or medical. He had been paying the halves just fine until recently. He informed me that any equipment needed for the sport, ie. baseball Pants, Cleats were clothing and the CO states that clothing is paid for with his CS. ($100/month) I agree that if I had unreasonably went out and bought the most expensive pants, or cleats that this would be a concern, but I asked him for $20, since I paid $40. I did buy my son a $70 bat and decided that he didn't really need this, so it was just a gift from me to him. Okay my question is, what does extracurricular actually mean? Is it just the registration costs?
To me this is principal, not about the money. He buys my son nothing at all. No clothes, no birthday presents, nothing, because "that's what he pays mom child support for".