I am in desperate need of help with some custody questions as soon as possible- I need to find out what my rights are concerning my son. His Father and I were together for 8years but never married. We have been seperated for several months and he is not helping at with [color:red] [/color] support(which is okay with me - He is just getting out of Alcohol rehab for the 3rd time). I am having a difficult time in AZ as I have little family here and the cost of living is so high. I would like to move to another state where I have family and the cost of living is better, but I do not know what my rights are to move. Also my ex knows that I would like to move and is very angry with me. Suddenly he is asking to have overnight visitation with our son for the first time since we seperated and I am scared to let him go. Can anyone offer me any advice on this situation as it is the weekend there is no way for me to speak with an attorney and I really need help.
Thank you so much!