OH yes that is pitasis my ex. Hopefully the lying post she put on here will only help me.
It is our daughter not son and 9 years not 8 and also she knows about my finaces on tring to get my place to live, and has never asked, she knows I am still paying off loans from when we first split last year when she loand over 2000 dollars to a old BF she left the kids for for a week. also I only asked to keep the her over night for the first time cause school is over and for once I had the weekend off. BOY it is amazing how much she failed to mention. As far as rehab yea, It helped and I needed it and have been DOING great. Now she is drinking and going to stay with her sis with 4 kids who has a husband that drinks worse than I ever did and she also has NO job and did NOT look in town at all or even look for a cheaper place to live SO any advice people can give me will just help after seeing her posting.