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#24029 - 08/03/05 05:55 AM ex wife tries to ruin everything
skyprincess Offline
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i think that up until this point i have been very accommodating to my boyfriend of three years' ex wife. they have a child together and she always uses him as her wild card to get what she wants. everytime we have plans(that she knows of) she gets held up at least an hour or two at work. and can't pick up her son. sometimes she doesn't even call us. a few times this has completely ruined our plans. it seems she waits until the last minute to do these things to us. last year we made plans to go on vacation. room reserved flight booked end of this aug. my boyfriend recently went to the zoo with his son and the ex wifes sister and her daughter where he told her of our vacation plans. the next day he recieved a phone call from the ex telling him that he is going to miss his son's first day of kindergarten. she wants us to cancel. we are talking alot of money lost. am i wrong for telling him if he cancels i will end the relationship. my feelings are if it was that important he should have known a year ago. even if he would have told me a month ago we probably could have worked something out with my work switching vacation days and airline tickets. any suggestions?

#24030 - 08/03/05 02:11 PM Re: ex wife tries to ruin everything [Re: skyprincess]
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You go on the vacation and leave him behind. There is no reason why your vacation should be ruined because your BF and his ex want to play games. This is not going to end any time soon, it will most likely get worse with time and age. If your BF wants to be a doormat to his ex then you should not have to suffer his consequences.

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#24031 - 08/03/05 11:22 PM Re: ex wife tries to ruin everything [Re: Miranda]
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Stick up for yourself. That woman is no longer attached to him but if he wants to let her walk all over him, don't let her do it to you to!

#24032 - 08/04/05 01:23 PM Re: ex wife tries to ruin everything [Re: goldilox]
Lucy44 Offline
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Yeah, what Miranda and Goldilox said...
While your at it, ask yourself if your BF of 3 years has any intention of making a long-term committment to you. Have you discussed marriage? If not, why hang around? I'm sure BF is perfectly happy with the set-up, but judging from your post, you are not.
I say, don't continue to kill time in what may inevitably be a dead-end relationship, and take that vacation and enjoy, with or without him!
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