Hello Im new here and Im a grandmother with temp custody of my granddaughter whom is 8 yrs old mother had supervisied from the time she was 2 untill about 7 yrs old,reason being Allyssah was molested by her mothers dad and mothers mom tried to cover it up.Allyssah's mom was molested by her dad growing up so she knew she what harm could happen to Allyssah and it did happen when she let her mom have Allyssah on her weekend visit.To make a long story short she just got back weekends a little over a year ago,Allyssah knows she's not allowed around her mothers parents or brother,in states in the court order there is to be no contact it could be a danger to Allyssah,well the whole time Allyssah comes home after these visits telling us her mom takes her around them,We nee need to take this back to court I know ,the judge told her he would throw her in jail if she did this,heres my problem I told my lawyer and he said she needs punished but he hasnt got off his ass to do anything for me hes a busy man,but come on here ya know and I cant afford to change,Do you think they will get her for contempt ???Please Help