I am trying to help my daughter find legal assistance and representation to end her marriage. She and her husband are residents of Vancouver, WA and have come to a point in their lives that continued marriage is not possible. My daughter has been told that fees for her to hire an attorney would be prohibitive (for her) because this would be a "highly contested divorce." She wants to demand custody of their five-year old son and supervision for all child visitations by her husband since her husband has a problem with alcohol. As a result she does not know where to turn and simply is living with the situation. Although there is evidence of infidelity on his part, the relationship is NOT abusive, yet.

I do not live in Washington so I am attempting to find what information I can in order to help her. I cannot afford to help her financially as I am disabled and living on Disability Social Security.

Can anyone recommend a legal service that could/would represent my daughter in a divorce case?