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#245 - 06/15/04 08:53 PM Father living with "friends"
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I currently have custody of my 4 year old daughter. Though we have a visitation schedule set from the time of our divorce, we have not been sticking to it because of changes in his work schedule. I allow him to see her pretty much when he wants. Right now she spends every other Saturday and Sunday night with him.

Shortly after our divorce he moved back in with his parents, as did I. We are both 23 years old. Recently, he said he wants us to "work things out." We have been doing things together and things as a family.

All that said...the problem now is this. He has mentioned the possibility of renting a house with his friends. I'm not sure how many, I am guessing 3-4 other males, ages 19-21. I do not know his friends. My issue is that I DO NOT want my 4 year old daughter spending the night in a house with a group of young boys, when I do not know them, do not know their friends or what would be going on in the house when she's there. I assume she would sleep in her father's room if she stayed overnight. All I know of these boys is that they like to drink (even though most of them are still not of age).

Question: If he does move into a house with these boys, will I be able to have the visitation changed so there are no overnight stays? :confused:

#246 - 06/15/04 10:44 PM Re: Father living with "friends" [Re: rynko]
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What does your current order specify? Also, since you seem to be on civil terms with your ex, have you tried talking to him about your concerns? Since it sounds like he's still just thinking about it, now would be the time to approach it.

#247 - 06/16/04 09:00 AM Most likely not... [Re: rynko]
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Fortunately, the law is set up so that before you can be punished for a crime, you actually have to COMMIT the crime. It goes the same for improperly caring for a child. I mean, you want to limit overnights, because he MIGHT expose her to improper surroundings? Theoretically, he could say that you MIGHT become a heroine addict, so he should have custody. Well, while there is NOTHING to indicate that you would do that, there is also nothing to indicate that he would expose the child to anything inappropriate. Give him a chance to be a good Dad. He has done good so far, right?
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