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#245501 - 06/19/07 02:30 AM papers filed
cougarjl2001 Offline

Registered: 06/03/07
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Well, my ex gf is trying to leave the state with my daughter that we have together. Last week I filed papers of paternaty and custody and visitation. Now what? She will want to fight I am sure. When she knew I was doing this, she put a restraining order on me not allowing me to see or talk to my daughter. I have a hearing that I set up on that issue also. What should I expect? Can she still move or must we go thru all of this first? any insight from some one would help.SHe has no real good reason to move. She says it is cheaper to live there. She works from home. All she has to do here is find a cheaper place to live than the one she is still in that we BOTH paid for when to gether.
any opnions well help or questions i CAN ANSWER

#245502 - 06/19/07 10:50 PM Re: papers filed [Re: cougarjl2001]
luvable0110 Offline

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If she has been served with papers then legally she is not allowed to take DD out of state. Doesnt mean she cant or wont, but legally she can not. Might even be just because you filed the papers legally she cant. You can contact the court clerks office to double check or they will lead you n right direction. You can also file for an ER hearing if you can prove that she is attempting to remove child. That is a little more tricky to do that, you need to have the proof. Also, what were the grounds for the Restraining order? It will be dropped if she can not prove whatever her claim was. I have had to RO's against my ex. One was held up and one was dropped but with an alternate order due to his constant calling and harrassment. So it really depends. She will have to prove what ever her claim is really well. you will need to prove opposite really well. Get character witnesses or statements. But remember your time will be limited. Not too many. Also have proof of decent living situation if that is part of her claim. 2 bedroom place, that sort of thing.


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