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#246747 - 06/22/07 03:46 PM Lawyer issue help
Bootsie Offline
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I just received an email from my attorney, resenting my term of "staff" for the associates that work for her. She is so bitter towards me it is baffling. This attorney came highly recommended verbally and in print so I thought I was going to be really well represented, and this is not the case. She sent her associates for mediation and it was a fiasco. I get that she wants me to fire her, but I have invested too much money now. I have been advised to stick it out and collect enough information to file for misrepresentation if she continure to perform poorly. Is this common or are most other divorce lawyers more invested in their client's best interest? I am also concerned I may get the same issue in another attorney. My case is cut and dry but i just want her to negotiate the fringe issues and it seems to be too much of a bother fot her. I pay plenty and on time for her services.

#246748 - 07/22/07 01:41 AM Re: Lawyer issue help [Re: Bootsie]
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That really sounds odd- my attorney makes no bones about being MY attorney. Can you confront her directly? Just ask what her problem is, and why she is sending associates when she should be there herself.

#246749 - 07/24/07 11:43 PM Re: Lawyer issue help [Re: Bootsie]
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Tell her straight up that you're the one paying her and not the other way around. Plenty of lawyers think they're God's gift. Not true. They're a dime a dozen.


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