Well, I just got back in from court. He didnt show.... :) He responded to the divorce and the parenting plan but did not serve it to me or my attorney. They struck it from the docket. After all I did he vacated the default the day before the divorce was final. Then he didnt even show to respond to it. I cant believe it. I gave my attorney my new contact info and she is filing my relocation paper work. Told me to go ahead and start my new job and I dont need to worry about coming back for court because she will handle it. So.... Any comments would be appreciated as to what you think the court will do in this case? I look at it as he is wasting EVERYONES time. All I want to be is divorced but since all these little things keep coming up in the case I havent been able to get that signed off. Stupid thing was I didnt even ask today.