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#250890 - 07/11/07 02:56 AM Re: Changing Names after Divorce [Re: almostheaven]
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Sort of like income????????

#250891 - 07/11/07 01:41 PM Re: Changing Names after Divorce [Re: Relayer]
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It is a tradition in our culture, but not the law, simply because the male lineage has been dominant since the middle ages. In other cultures, it is done differently. Since, until the advent of DNA proof, the mother was the only "sure bet" parent, some cultures use the mother's lineage as the dominant one.

Neither one satisfies our geneological urge to know our roots on both lines of our ancestral tree unless copious records are kept. One side or the other is repressed with time. So, we use the one that comes with our culture. However, cultures change due to internal and external forces. The current trend to use both parents' names in some fashion, or even create a new name for their progeny is evident that we are in a stage where our cultural is changing.

By law, we can give our children almost any name we wish. It does NOT have to be the father's name.

#250892 - 07/11/07 06:37 PM Re: Changing Names after Divorce [Re: Redlegg]
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Char Fox

#250893 - 10/23/07 04:21 PM Re: Changing Names after Divorce [Re: momathome]
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I have a SON from a first marriage. I dated another man about a year after my divorce was finalized, for about a year. Three weeks after breaking things off I found out I had a SURPRISE coming... Since i was no longer in that relationship and knew he wasn't going to be in the picture, the last name issue was a tough one.

In the end, I gave my beautiful daughter my SON's last name. My SON'S name just happens to be the same as my XH. Nothing will ever change that he is her brother, and she is his sister. Being half siblings is not something they are even aware of in their minds, they are simply brother and sister. Having the same last name makes life easier for them too.
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