Any immediate assistance with this post would be extremely appreciated as I have to make some decisions within the next 2-3 days, thanks.

I hired an attorney for a separation case with my spouse. The lawyer is very good and the client/attorney relationship is very good. Sadly, my attorney recently informed me that they have taken a new position representing the state of NH. Under NH laws - they can no longer do law as a private practice. Therefore all of the attorney's clients have to hire new lawyers. The law office also informed me that the other practicing attorney there is too swamped to take on any new cases. My attorney did identify and recommend a new attorney at a different practice who was willing to take my case. They said after I give them approval they would transfer my files to that attorney. I have contacted that attorney and set up an intial introductory meeting to discuss my situation and also to see if I like the attorney. My concerns/questions are as follows:

- My attorney did say they would return to me the remaining monies from my retainer that were not used. Should I be entitled to get some of the monies already used since my attorney didn't complete the contract which was representing me?

- Also, since I am going to have to get a new attorney and bring this attorney up to speed with things (which means repeating over the same conversations I had with my current attorney) should I be entitled to a return of some additonal funds or something.

- Finding an attorney you like and can work with is very hard. In addition the relationship established with my attorney (ie. phone calls, conversations, meetings) all which gave a full picture of my situation will have to be done again. And to have to repeat that and possibly pay again for that concerns me.

- Do I have any legitimate claims with any of these concerns? Is there a chat room, group, phone number or resource that can assist a person with something like this?

- It's not that I am out for my attorney, but I feel I should get some more assistance whether it's additional returns of monies, or several free meetings with the new attorney or something like that.

- I won't know unitl I speak with the new attorney to see if they will have a retainer fee. Are there any quesions that maybe I should ask this attorney as well given how this turn of events occured.

- Are there any other questions that I should ask as well?