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#259759 - 07/24/07 05:31 PM how long till remarry
kings42 Offline
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i have several questions. My wife left. I found out she is remarried. There is no divorce on file. How long after a divorce is filed in AR can one remarry? How can some remarry without getting a divorce first?

#259760 - 07/24/07 09:21 PM Re: how long till remarry [Re: kings42]
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They can't , it's bigamy .
Careful. We don't want to learn from this.

#259761 - 10/02/07 05:10 PM Re: how long till remarry [Re: googledad]
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They can't , it's bigamy .
>>> Not to mention STUPID and low class. Maybe she went to Las Vegas. You can get divorced and remarried the same weekend there, can't you?
Sorry, nobody deserves that from someone they loved enough to marry.
If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

#259762 - 09/01/08 06:24 PM Re: how long till remarry [Re: emilar]
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they are right it is called bigamy, but she could of also got divorced out of state or she could've put a notice in the paper for 30 days and if you didnt see it the judge could of granted the divorce without your knowledge she could of told them she didnt know where you lived thats how she could of done this. And has the answer to ur question in the state of arkansas you can get divorce the same day and remarried in the same day also there is no waiting period.


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