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#260956 - 07/26/07 06:12 PM Cohabitation and Alimony
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My ex and I have been divorced for 5 months and I received a motion in the mail today that he has filed to stop alimony becuase I have been living with my boyfriend for the last 8 months. I would like to know if he can legally stop paying alimony just because I live with my boyfriend?

He is supposed to pay me alimony until the end of next year. We do not have any children together and all the property settlement stuff was taken care of during the divorce. He has a list of witnesses that he wants to subpoena and they are mostly my family members. They know that I am living with my boyfriend and I don't want them to get dragged into court.

I am really concerned about losing this money and I was hoping someone on this site could give me some advice. What are my options?


#260957 - 07/27/07 12:59 PM Re: Cohabitation and Alimony [Re: G67NeedsInfo]
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The short answer to this is no, he can't stop legally paying. It is probably just a threat tactic or something or maybe he doesn't know the law.
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#260958 - 08/17/07 07:06 PM Re: Cohabitation and Alimony [Re: PAFamilyLawNet]
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Did you sign a post nuptial agreement? Typically there is a clause in post nuptial agreements that say the alimony will be terminated if you cohabitate.


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