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#265436 - 08/06/07 08:08 PM residency requirements
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Hi, I really need help. Two weeks ago my husband told me he wanted a divorce. We just moved to Indiana on June 26th. He called an attorney the next day and he said the attorney said we have to live here for six months before we can file. Couple things first. I have suffered from and been treated for major depression since 1991 and have a pending disability hearing in Nebraska (unscheduled) as a result. I have been unable to work since 2003 or 2004. Since that time, my husband has been my sole support and I've never wanted for anything that I need. For the past 18 months my depression has steadily worsened. I lost a parent, an aunt, my husband lost his job and we didn't know if he would be able to find one. In his field it is a laborious process. Needless to say he found one in Indiana and we moved here at the end of June. Since he told me of wanting a divorce, things have been cordial, he is not mistreating me. He won't leave though and my stress level has been through the roof. I feel like he wants the divorce, he should leave? Anyway, just the stress of finding the job and moving here cost me in terms of maintaining my mental health. That's been hard but I thought I was doing pretty well until the last month or so when things started going bad here. Then my weight started dropping and my heart has been racing even though I take meds, etc. Yesterday, I took my bloos pressure and it was way too high. Just sitting here right now, relaxing so to speak, it is 160/110 and pulse in 120s. I have no physical reserves whatsoever. I can't eat yada yada. Now, when he talked to this attorney he said the attorney said we could divorce despite the residency requirments if we agreed on terms. From what I can gather I think he is talking about a separation agreement? When he first told me this I thought, no way I'm agreeing to anything. Now though, I don't know if I can last for another 4.5 months. So, do you have to be a resident of Indiana for six months to file for a legal separation and if so, can it be litigated in the same way a divorce settlement is? Thanks to all responders.

#265437 - 06/09/10 04:14 AM Re: residency requirements [Re: wanttofight]
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Yes you do have to live in the state for min 6 months in order to file and the separation agreement is just you both saying you have lived separate for 6 months even if you didn't if you can do it civel than it will only take one lawyer to draw up the paper work and file it with the courts. Best of luck


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