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#26606 - 08/16/05 03:33 AM Need a Good Lawyer in Northern CA
2ndWife Offline
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My coworker really needs a good family law lawyer in the Fremont area of Northern CA. Does anyone out there have any recommendations? It is greatly appreciated!!!!

#26607 - 08/17/05 03:10 AM Yes, I do.. [Re: 2ndWife]
Melody Offline
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but his practice is in Santa Clara county....and I'm not sure if he will travel to Alameda county. He is also expensive, but he's never lost for me...and he works with me on the fees.

#26608 - 08/17/05 10:57 PM Re: Yes, I do.. [Re: Melody]
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Melody...thank you for the response. Perhaps if he won't travel he can refer her to someone in Alameda county. I think she is quite eager to find someone. Can you possibly message me the name?

#26609 - 10/13/05 05:26 AM Re: GREAT LAWYERS [Re: 2ndWife]
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My marriage of 10 years turn into an awful divorce. My spouse let me and file for divorce and move with our children I was devastate. I decided I needed to seek legal assistance, as we all know it is very expensive. It became a financial nightmare. A friend told me about Prepaid legal they were affordable and was able help me with my family issues. For just $26.00 a month I was able to get the legal assistance and get my kids back in my life. my spouse could not just up root our children at will. I am so grateful for the help that prepaid legal provide for me. I recommed this site at:

#26610 - 04/25/06 03:31 AM Re: Yes, I do.. [Re: Melody]
himhopkin Offline
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Hi, could you post his name / contact information, or send me a private message? My divorce is going on two years, and I need some help... The ex just wants to stall as long as possible, and my lawyer just sort of lets things sit.


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