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#275099 - 08/28/07 07:18 PM Dirvorce after 54 years..
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While my Dad was fighting Cancer, my 73 year old MOM was having an affiar. Mom always ran the fiances, and over the last year has closed all of their "married" bank accounts and has taken the 300,000 they saved over their life-time and ran off. Dad is O.K. now, but he never saw this comming. Can any of the funds, be recoverd during divorce?
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#275100 - 08/28/07 08:01 PM Re: Dirvorce after 54 years.. [Re: 121518]
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A court would likely order the funds, or part of them, returned. But that doesn't mean they can force their return. Some states would consider a joint account as belonging to whichever cleaned it out first, but there are generally laws that protect the elderly and infirmed from being taken for a ride as well. A lawyer could tell him his chances in a free consult.
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#275101 - 08/29/07 03:26 PM Re: Dirvorce after 54 years.. [Re: 121518]
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I believe I hear " Stand by your man... " playing in the background...
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