My husband and I have a two-year-old. We live in Wisconsin, where his family is. My family is all in the west, primarily Utah and California.

Unfortunately, my husband also has a drug problem. We are currently in marriage counseling (that my parents are paying for), but he is now suggesting that I go alone because he feels like counseling is just "two women bitching at him." While I don't really want a divorce, I can't let our son grow up learning how to be an addict, not to mention all of the other disasters that could happen along the way.

However, I am unable to support myself and our son on my income alone. I cannot move out, as I have nowhere to go and not enough money to pay for an apartment. I cannot afford to kick my husband out, either. I could move in with my parents (in Utah) but I need to secure permission from the courts. Does anyone have any advice for me?

I don't want to deny my husband's rights to see his child, but I question his ability to parent for more than a day or two, as he is unwilling to stay sober for long. Under no circumstances am I willing to risk losing my son.