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#276 - 06/16/04 06:54 PM new here with a question
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Hi everyone. I am new here to this forum and I have a question to anyone who can help. I am a single mom with 4 kids and have been married twice. I have custody of all of my children. My last divorce as with all I am sure was less then pleasant. My ex had taken my son not once but twice forcefully and I had to locate them and it just got very ugly. I now have my son back with me, and offered even after everything joint custody. I dont want to keep my son from knowing his father, but obviously am more leary after everything thats happened.
I just recoeved a show cause court date claiming I am to be found in contempt of court for dates which my ex husband had our son. On atleast one of those times I have proof via arrangements made between lawyers on this because my car had broke down one weekend.
What I need to know is has anyone ever had a show cause hearing and if so what happened? I havent ever been in any sort of trouble in my life, and most of the allegations are just outrageous, and proveable lies. I am not perfect and there were times I could not for financial reasons bring my son, but always offered make up dates and times which he refused. Any suggestions from anyone as to what to expect?

Also this case is in nc, and I was living in VA and had registered the order in VA and it was accepted. Does nc even still have jurisdiction of this case? neither party resides on the county which this case was filed. Thanks for any help.

#277 - 06/17/04 06:26 AM Re: new here with a question [Re: geminigurl]
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Wow! You've been through a lot!
I really don't have any answers for you, but if you would like to post your question on my website, I am sure that someone there could help you out. You can find it at:

If not, you may want to try over at

Good luck, and I hope you find someone who can help you!

#278 - 06/17/04 02:10 PM Re: new here with a question [Re: Shyrider]
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thanks, yeah been through alot and will go through it for awhile longer im sure lol. Ill check out your page.


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