Why, oh why.

My children's mother started working (p-t) last summer, and started full-time teaching a few weeks ago. Adjusting to account for her new income (it was $0 before this; now a Middle School teacher) would make a significant change to CS -- i.e. it would drop by ~$300/mo; I'm paying an amount straight off the Virginia charts right now. Our agreement requires notification within 10-days....which clearly she hasn't (kids mentioned it....then a relative, who she shared with).

I don't want to start a war...serving papers and all that....but is there a way to resolve this without "going to court?" and without lawyers? DCSE doesn't manage our case, its just a salary deduction from my side.

When I innocently asked her a few weeks ago about my surprise at her new job, she stated "we agreed on a new amount in Jan '05....no need to adjust ever again." Am I high, or is this a common practice if there is a significant change in circumstances??

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