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#282668 - 09/12/07 07:38 PM Spousal Support in Mississippi
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Excuse please, but I am a 1st time user.

Hope this august body can provide some insight into a matter regarding spousal support.

Many years ago my sister married a gentleman from Mississippi. They were married in Ohio, resided there and were later divorced there. Subsequent to the divorce, the ex moved back to Mississippi and she remained in Ohio.

The Ohio court awarded her monthly spousal support, but she had never received a cent.

First, she waited for his appeal regarding the spousal support. This took over a year and after he received numerous contempt citations, the appeal was denied. These contempt issues resulted (as set out in the decree) that $1000 per count would be paid to my sister. Each time he would return to Mississippi and as with the spousal support, no monies were forthcoming.

Now the arrearage has reached nearly $50,000 and there are no indications he is ever going to pay. Fortunately the State of Ohio has been able to collect the child support on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, my sister is living far below the standard she did for the 20+ years they were married. Despite her best efforts, she makes ends meet only through the generosity of my brothers and myself. We have no intent to stop helping, but do resent her ex evading his responsibilities and leaving us to carry the load.

Sorry for the long dissertation and on to the questions. Is there any way to enforce a spousal support decree in another state (i.e. OH decree in MS)? What must be done to embark on such a venture? Are there any state agencies in MS that have a reciprocal enforcement agreement with those agencies in OH? I have read about suspension of professional and driving license in MS for unpaid child support, but found no references to out-of-state decrees or spousal support. Do I begin with an OH lawyer or begin with someone in MS? I would hate to see any money she gets being eaten completely up by legal fees.

I would appreciate the answer to these questions and any related information, suggestions and ideas. Thanks you in advance.


Leo B. Katz

#282669 - 10/05/09 03:55 PM Re: Spousal Support in Mississippi [Re: LeoKatz]
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I think your case would be an Ohio case.

Now my lawyer said here in MS the thinking of the courts is that if a spouse can support themselves (able to work) they should and not have their standard of living maintained by someone else. That ends when they get divorced which to me is as it should be. Temp alimony I can see to help teh spouse get on his/her feet but marriage bills should go with it.

Keep the case in Ohio where you were divorced at. They can take his income tax refunds.
AloneInTheDark but life goes even without being a Dad any more.


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