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#284962 - 09/17/07 11:38 PM Relocating only 100 miles away from ex-husband
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Please help me. I am looking to relocate only 100 miles away from my ex-husband for better job and pay. I want to move the children with me but he is refusing. The mediator said that I don't have good enough reason to move the kids away from a place they have lived their whole life. Does anyone know anything about Wisconsin Law that would help me to build my case and show this is in the best interest of the children to move with me. I already have a job and a place to live, I have given notice at my current job and house. Don't know if I can leave the kids with my parents during my visitation time to accept the new job and wait for the final court answer. Anyone that can help???

We share 50/50 custody. Their is a step-child and step-mother involved. Step-child has serious mental issues, only in the 4th grade and talks about killing himself. Step-mother has said she doesn't like me children, doesn't want them around. Please, what can I do??

We need to move away for better educational and growth opportunities. I need better job stability and better pay.

Ex-husband says I need to find a second job to make ends meet.

#284963 - 11/26/07 07:51 PM Re: Relocating only 100 miles away from ex-husband [Re: Relocating]
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In WI with 50/50 placement it is pretty much a given that if one parent moves the other receives primary placement. To get a change he'd basically have to kill someone and it would probably have to be one of your children. I don't mean to be negative but I know this from experience.
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#284964 - 12/10/10 12:15 AM Re: Relocating only 100 miles away from ex-husband [Re: Debi]
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According to most sources, you don't have to get permission to move less than 150 miles away as long as you remain within the state of Wisconsin. I would look at [censored]://[censored] for more info - that is the source I found.


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