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#288079 - 09/24/07 04:36 PM Dad won' return their stuff after visit
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My 2 teenage boys visited their dad this summer(in MT), when it was time to go and meet grandma to come back to Oregon he only let them bring 3 changews of clothes in plastic bags, they has several changes of clothes as well as a guitar a nintendo Ds and playstation games and their wallets. The boys were supposed to return to MT for the remainder of their summer visit in a few days but dad knew they probably wouldnt be back because he and his wife were very rude to the boys and they hated it there, they told him dailey they wanted to go home. The boys have on 3 occasions called ( most recent yesterday) asking if they could get their stuff back, we are willing to go to Montana and get their stuff. He tels them he wont be home or that they cant have it. The father is mad at me and is punishing the boys. Since the boys refused to go back for their visitation ( They are 15 and 17 and both bigger and stronger than I ) the dad has put a contempt of court on me and for a change of custody. I am not concerned about either of those just want the boys stuff returned. A lot of the boys clother were new ( Less than a month old) The one boy needs his guitar for a class at school. I need advice on how I can write a letter, talk to his attorney or write a letter to the court asking that their property be returned. The boys are very hurt and angry with their dad for being to onry. Any ideas???

#288080 - 09/25/07 11:59 PM Re: Dad won' return their stuff after visit [Re: mentheboys]
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Draft a letter to his attorney regarding the issue and make sure you include a detailed list of what was retained. Let attorney know that either the stuff is returned ASAP or this issue will be addressed in court.

Unfortunately...there is really nothing else you can do except to perhaps show up there with the cops.
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