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#290026 - 09/27/07 05:44 PM (holycrapbatman)
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My nerves are coming undone for the 2nd, so I assume yours are too!! Do you have to travel for court?? I'm a few hours away, so I'm trying to keep busy by servicing the van! I also booked a hotel room... Do you have an outfit picked out? Last minute decisions might be stressful too!

Take big breaths, get lots of sleep, no more pretending you're talking to the judge in your bathroom mirror (blush)... time to relax so you're in your prime for court!

Just wanted to give a peptalk -- I'm not very good at them though :( Hang in; it's almost time!

#290027 - 09/27/07 05:54 PM Re: (holycrapbatman) [Re: lilgypsy]
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I'll PM you!
Oh dear...this calls for a very special blend of psychology and EXTREME VIOLENCE. -Vyvyan

#290028 - 09/27/07 05:56 PM Re: (holycrapbatman) [Re: holycrapbatman]
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***thumb's up sign***


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