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#290201 - 09/27/07 09:58 PM Visitation for 1 year old
Abbyandme77 Offline
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My ex husband is military. He has only seen his daughter a handleful of times since she was 3 months old. He is coming back on leave for two weeks, and is being quite demanding.

Can anyone tell me what "reasonable" visitation would be? I'm concerned with her reaction since she hasn't seen him in 3 months.

#290202 - 03/05/08 09:06 PM Re: Visitation for 1 year old [Re: Abbyandme77]
yregna Offline

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You'd be quick enough to allow visitation if your CS checks stopped, eh ?

Women make me sick, you always spread your legs for income.
"Anything free is worth what you pay for it..." "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get"

#290203 - 07/04/08 03:10 AM Re: Visitation for 1 year old [Re: yregna]
kaestu Offline
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Wow, that was rude. Where did she even mention cs? Sorry you are so bitter. If that's the way you want to go through life, then it is your choice. But how sad.

Now,Abbyandme77, is there any kind of parenting plan in place? According to OR law there should be. Do you have sole legal and physical custody? Do you have any worries about her being with far as her safety is concerned? If it were me, I would say that he get 1 of his 2 weeks wtih her, but maybe not all at once.


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