Hi I'm new here and have been searching everywhere online for reliable info. regarding a 'do it yourself' or diy divorce in Jefferson County Kentucky. Louisville, to be more specific. My husband has been with another woman for approx. 10 years. We've lived apart and all of our children are over the age of 21. I suppose I have several questions.

:confused: 1. Should I file for divorce based on adultery or just keep it simple and state no fault?

:confused: 2. As far as I know the only forms I need to fill out are the petition for dissolution of marriage, and the settlement form so that I can get my maiden name back. Does that sound right?

:confused: 3. We have no property or anything to divide. I simply want to get a divorce and regain my maiden name. I hear its fairly simple to do on your own in a scenario like that. Any thoughts?

:confused: 4. Finally, Does anyone know where I can find the forms online either free or through a reputable company that doesn't charge an arm and a leg?

I thank you all so very much in taking the time to review my questions. Once I go through this process I hope to share my knowledge on here with any one else needing help.
Thanks again,
Sheila :grin:
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