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#29110 - 08/29/05 11:55 PM Retirement
DL9 Offline
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I am planning to file for a divorce in California and I wanted to know if my husband is entitled to my retirement benefits if I don't have 5 years vested yet for my retirement once the divorce is final.

#29111 - 09/03/05 07:32 AM Re: Retirement [Re: DL9]
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Dear DL9,

Actually, even if your retirement is not yet vested, it is still community propery. Research the case of Brown in Cali for more info.


#29112 - 09/10/05 09:49 AM Re: Retirement [Re: DL9]
becsingle Offline
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I've been divorced since 1999, my question is there a time limit for eligability in collecting on my husbands retirement? I've never received and spousal support what so ever...I just wanted out and to get away.
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#29113 - 09/11/05 10:02 PM were you awarded any portion of the retirement [Re: becsingle]
Melody Offline
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benefits as part of your settlement? If not, then I'm not certain that you are entitled to anything at this point.

#29114 - 01/03/06 08:10 PM pension am i entitled after death [Re: Melody]
kalona Offline
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my soon to be husband has a pension in with the state of florida if he should pass before me would i be intitled to recieve his monthly pension?

#29115 - 01/04/06 09:53 PM Re: pension am i entitled after death [Re: kalona]
joan Offline

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What does your marital settlement say? In my case my ex will receive a portion of my retirement upon my death because it is written in our settlement that I must elect to provide a survivor benefit when I retire. Normally that reduces the amount of retirement, however, it is also stated in out settelment that he is responsible to cover that reduction.


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